Just Plain Funny

Call it the writer in me but I like to add my own lyrics to songs (or maybe I Just can’t remember the words and just ad lib to keep it going) and my youngest daughter seems to have the same… creativeness ( or problem) that I have…My wife and I were on our way home in separate vehicles. I had our two older girls with me and my wife had our youngest  in her car. They “beat” me home and our youngest daughter said, “Daddy, we beat you! You’re a rotten head (rotten egg)!!”



My 3-year-old and her older sisters were playing a racing game. Her oldest sister had started when my 3-year-old wasn’t ready… My 3-year-old chased after her sister, saying” Hey! I’m not ready!! Cheater, Cheater, lemon squeezer!!”


This wasn’t my kid but it was still funny!! We were at a local city festival enjoying an impromptu kids’ spelling contest. One 6-year-old boy was asked to spell KITTY, without missing a beat he spelled…T-I-T-T-Y… Whoops!

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