Best Biscuits Ever!

There aren’t a lot of foods that can beat freshly baked bread. The incredible smell that wafts through the entire house followed by biting into a slightly crispy crust with a soft, chewy center is fantastically delicious!

While working at a bakery a few years ago, I developed a love for baking bread.  From the mixing and kneading to the final rise during baking, I just love it. Sometimes I feel a meal is incomplete without some type of bread and I pride myself on being able to roll out some dough and make something that fits the meal.

Tonight however, was one of those night’s where the food was ready by the time we walked in the door. Forget having to rise, there wasn’t even time to mix and knead. Making bread became an afterthought  after everyone was settled…

Seriously though, dinner is incomplete without some type of bread.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. This meal screams of needing bread. Since there was no time to make bread, my wife suggested throwing in some biscuits… canned biscuits… from the store. The kind that are there in a pinch. The kind that you smother in butter and jelly or gravy, never really bothering to enjoy the goodness of it…

…Those canned biscuits…from the store… soured my pride like a batch of neglected sourdough.

“Daddy, these are your best biscuits yet! Daddy wins the award! These are the best, tasting biscuits EVER!!”

My other daughter chimes in with, “Great job Daddy! You could go on the cooking show to show the chefs your famous biscuits!”

My soured pride never had a chance to rise.

There’s usually a second chance to rise….right?

Wait… hold on…There’s more… Those canned biscuits…from the store… came from the back of the refrigerator (they’ve been there for at least two months), from an off-brand company with biscuits that were oddly shaped, and came out flat and clumpy…


Well, at least my girls ate their dinner.


2 thoughts on “Best Biscuits Ever!

    • Howdy! Yeah, I used to jot down my thoughts on my smart phone during those free moments throughout my day…but then…my phone broke and I never realized how much I used my phone to keep my thoughts until it broke and I stopped writing… maybe I should get one of those things called a pencil and a phone sized writing pad… Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it even through the burning eyes and upside down smile!

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