Dad’s Hints, Tips, And Struggles

As a father of three girls, one thing I struggle with is the ever-changing hormones that follow the toddler years. I’m sure boys have their share of spastic emotions but my goodness, toddler girls can be quite the roller coaster ride.

One of my daughters is prone to emotional tantrums without warning. Although it’s not a full on screaming, writhing on the floor tantrum. It’s more if a heavy dose of crying followed by breaths of “I want”.

The grownup part of me wants to scream ” tell me what you want!” Or “I’m sorry your sister has oatmeal and you have cereal even though you chose cereal over oatmeal five minutes ago.” There are also times when my daughter still insist on dressing herself even though her arms are where her head should be and her head is coming through the bottom of her shirt… Oh it would be sssoooo much easier if you would just let me help you.

As I’m about to pull my hair out, the wisdom of my wife comes through reminding that she is only two and the majority of her fussiness comes from the inability to express what she wants.
The other reason is due to her skipping nap time because I gave her a special treat making sleep futile.
I’ve learned that I need to take ten steps back and get on my daughter’s level and help calm her down. If she wants something I make sure she tells me without fussing. “You want something to drink try asking me without fussing.” Most of the time this works.
If she still is a basket case of emotions, I’ll tell her to go to her room until she calms down.
I wouldn’t say that I’ve learned this yet but I’m realizing that yelling or raising my voice only intensifies her frustration. This should be common sense, her attitude is almost exactly like mine and I never did get along with yelling.

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