A New Year Struggle

January 2015-


The past few months have been a whirlwind. People say life accelerates beyond belief when you have kids. I feel like the period between the beginning of November through the first of January should have it’s own scientific classification of time. Maybe someone should forgo the Bermuda triangle theory and start focusing on the time that exists during the Holiday season.

Yesterday I just “allowed” the crooning of Bing Crosby’s and Andy Williams’s classic Christmas tunes. I feel like my family and I JUST decorated our tree, wishing we had hung up the outdoor Christmas lights before we had our first snowfall (only to sweat from fear a few days later worrying that we wouldn’t have a white Christmas because we had an unseasonably warm December). I feel like my wife and I just recently discussed our plans for the weeks of November and December (I may start using a calendar or simply clean out my ears next year).

However, Christmas has passed, Thanksgiving is just a memory but the New Year celebration has started out with a bang (literally. My wife’s friend was over on New Year’s Eve and her friend’s car got hit while it was parked underneath a street light).

As I have struggled over the past few months to find the PERFECT words to express my feelings of thankfulness and joy, my thoughts were interrupted by my 14-month-old.

No big deal. Our family’s schedule has been a little out of whack but she has handled it with great ease considering she has teeth coming in…easy, breezy. I give her a little bit of baby Tylenol, do my best to soothe her pain and she soon starts talking herself to sleep….

Well, it is time for a sweetful bliss of sleep. I need to go to bed. My girls are bound to wake up irritable and cranky (concerts, parties, gifts, a break from school… yeah…our schedule is off…the bubble has to burst sometime).

My quiet bliss is short lived as I hear my 5-year-old trying to stifle the sounds of her cry. Worried, I hop out of bed (when she wakes up at night, it is usually from a nightmare or from being sick), “Itty Bitty, what’s wrong?” “My tummy hurts.” “Oh no, I’m sorry. Do you have to spit-up (the polite way of asking if you have to vomit)?” “Yeah (insert sniffles, and rolling tears).”

Arggg… I can kiss boo-boos all better, scare away midnight monsters, and talk away the silly worries of the world but there is not much I can do to ease the pain of being sick other than offering my support, some crackers, clear liquids and maybe some medicine.

The aches, the pain, the fever, the feeling of being ick and wanting to do absolutely nothing just stinks for me. I could not imagine how it would feel for my girls while their immune systems are still developing.

I know my LORD and SAVIOR is not a magic genie that comes from a bottle granting me wishes as I see fit but for the life of me, I would rather me spew forth the gunk of sickness than see my kids go through it. I proceed to quietly cry out to the LORD asking that I be sick instead of my 5-year-old.

I give her fluids to drink and crackers to munch on. I snuggle with her on the couch anticipating her falling fast asleep in my arms (you know like back in the day when she was 2 and I worked the overnights and naptime existed). That never happened.

She tossed while I turned and I am almost certain I heard a giggle. I took her temperature which comes out a little below normal (her normal is around 99) but nothing that would cause alarm. I ask her if she still needs to spit-up and she says yes so I continue to snuggle with her on the couch.

Once again, she tossed, I turned and she talked as if she was wide awake.

Being a wise dad, I tell her it’s time for her to go sleep in her bed but I tell her she has a bowl to spit up in, a glass of water and crackers in the bathroom if she needs them. I THOROUGHLY EMPHASIZE that if she indeed happens to spit-up that she needs to come tell me.

That seemed to satisfy her as she rolls over on her bed and says good night to me.

An hour later, nothing happens. Thank you LORD.

Sweet dreams Itty Bitty, here’s to praying you, your sisters or your mama get sick and a very, wonderful, blessed New Year.

Happy and a blessed New Year to the rest of you. May Christ be with you and guide you in all you do.