Growing Up Too Fast…Happy Birthday Little Bitty!

When my wife and I had our first child, people always told us to enjoy the moments because she will be grown up before we know it. Yeah, I know, I get it, time will fly by…. 2 more kids later life, is accelerating at the speed of light with no signs of slowing down. Our 5-year-old is starting kindergarten in the fall and our NOW 3-year-old daughter will be starting preschool in the fall.

3 years ago today, my wife gave birth to our 2nd daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BITTY!!! She lost her baby look long ago… the point at which her face transforms into a little girl’s face, the point where her knees, arms, legs, are no longer a babies arms and legs but a little girl’s arms and legs ready for anything and everything.

She has her own personality. She likes chocolate, her sister likes sweeter candy like nerds and sweet tarts. She can join a new crowd of kids as if she has been with them all along while her older sister is more reserved. She has learned to play with her sister but when she was younger she would take a Barbie from her sister and RUN (amazing how early kids learn to pick on each other). She is a goofy little girl. With no provocation there are times when she’ll stick out her tongue and pull her cheeks wide. She is always laughing, always ready for our an adventure. She also has a generous heart, willing to share her chocolate with her daddy without having to ask… (as long as you don’t consider me leaving my mouth open asking)

She is growing up too fast. She has to. She has to keep up with her 5-year-old sister with her little sister right behind her.

I love you Little Bitty! I praise and thank the Lord for you, you are such a blessing to our family. May you have a great birthday!

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