Not Ready Yet

I knew this day would come. It had to. We fall in love, get married, and have babies. We teach our babies how to walk, talk, and eat. As time progresses, our babies turn into tantrum-throwing toddlers. We teach our toddlers how to express their wants and needs using words instead of throwing fits. After successfully teaching our toddlers how to use their words, they begin asking life-teaching and sometimes mind-numbing questions: Who? What? Where? When? And the hourly questions of why and how? We encourage our toddlers to read books, learn about everything and explore the world around them. All of this will ultimately lead them to leaving you on the corner bus stop with a tear in your eye and a smile on their face as they get onto the bus. Why? Why do we teach our children to leave us?

My 5-year-old started kindergarten last Friday. There were events that have prepared me for this day: A kindergarten orientation for parents last spring, tests that gauged her readiness for kindergarten, and a meeting with her teacher days before school started. We were both excited for this day to come. However, this day wasn’t supposed to come for another few years. She isn’t ready.

She hasn’t learned how to read. She doesn’t know how to tie her shoes. She just found out that numbers can go past 99. Do not even get me started on her writing. Although, to be fair her letters have become more distinguishable. Her s actually looks like an s, her i’s look like i’s and her k is a k. Her p’s, d’s, and b’s on the other hand,  seem to interchange with each other  (It’s not like they look the same). Clearly she is not ready for kindergarten…(hold on one second… is this what kindergarten is all about?)

She is a dainty little girl who does not need a reason to dance in circles. When she isn’t dancing, she skips. She runs like a butterfly flies straight. She believes everyone who says “hi” is a friend. She thinks kids who run away from her are playing tag. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body (unless she isn’t getting along with her 3-year-old sister… then she can hoard enough toys to fill Santa’s Workshop). The worst word she has said is tomato (she really, really doesn’t like tomatoes and we don’t let her complain about how much she doesn’t like tomatoes… so she believes tomato is a bad word). She is an innocent girl and often travels to her own world when she plays. She is an easy target for schoolyard bullies. She is just not ready for kindergarten.

To be honest, she just learned how to pull herself up. Wait, no that’s her baby sister. She doesn’t recognize all of her letters. Wait, no that’s her 3-year-old sister, but she still needs to nap. Never mind, that’s still describing her younger sisters. Well, I…      I haven’t finished building her protective bubble.

Maybe I’m not ready.  At least I still have my 3-year-old and 11-month old at home. Wait. My 3-year-old starts preschool tomorrow and my 11-month-old is days away from taking her first steps. I’m definitely not ready.