Simple Reminder

Have you ever had those days when you absolutely HAD to make lemonade from those (souring) lemons life threw at you only to realize you also had a big bag of burning, worthless stink on your front door waiting to bet stepped on.

My lemonade soured a couple of days ago because the lemons I used were well past their use-by date. I did manage to avoid the stink on my doorstep because I never left the house. Instead, I threw myself to the floor kicking and screaming, groaning about my day.

Oddly enough, the LORD is always waiting to hear my whines and cries but I usually wait until the last minute to talk to him. It just seems easier to sulk instead of taking a moment to count my blessings and tell the LORD my struggles.

Yet, even after waiting his turn to speak, the LORD still has a simple way of saying, “…I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NIV).

His simple reminder for me that I shouldn’t worry, stress, or fear: Giggly sisters. Simple. Innocent. Oblivious of the problems around them but still capable of producing smiles for all around them.

Simple giggles from my girls give me the laugh I need and the reminder I need to know my LORD is still in control (waiting to pour me a fresh cup of lemonade topped with strawberries).