The Disappearing Nap Time

As parents, we all know that it is our responsibility to love our children and spend time with our children. We also know there are times when we feel like pulling out our hair, especially with young children. Forgive me for using an economic law here, but the law of diminishing marginal return in simple terms means that positive effects can eventually decrease…( A worker is able to produce x amount in an hour with great efficiency at one station but produce less and less when he is given more stations to work at) Sometimes our parenting skills become ineffective when we do not have time to gather ourselves and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

I look forward to nap times because that is when the house is quiet, I can relax and focus more on cleaning and getting projects done around the house. Well… that quiet time has faded into oblivion.
During the school year, my 5-year-old went to pre-school for 2 and a half hours. I would put my other 2 daughters to bed and use that time to nap (the joy of working overnights…I don’t miss it at all). Now that school is over those 2 and a half hours are gone.

I could put my 5-year-old down for a nap but she will either not sleep and come out of her room moments later or fall asleep for an hour and be up until 10 at night. She has the ability to fall asleep for a few minutes, rejuvenate and be ready for another 10 hours; I’m very jealous.

My 5-year-old is starting Kindergarten in the fall. My wife and I decided that nap time would be a great time for her to practice her writing. Instead of hassling her with napping when she isn’t tired or dealing with her constantly coming out of her room and punishing her for not listening, we bought a book that allows kids to trace letters and numbers. My wife took those pages out and put them into a binder with protective pages. Our 5-year-old can use a dry erase marker and practice writing over and over.

While she doesn’t spend the entire 2 hours writing, it still works out great. Our 5-year-old practices her letters and numbers, she gets quiet time away from her sisters (she gets to play barbies without interference from her little sisters) I can focus on chores, and have a little quiet time myself. Once nap time is over, I’m ready for an afternoon tea party.

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